supply times:

Dates for the supply of products are according to the dates specified on the sales page of the product, unless specifically stated otherwise.
Delivery times include business days only (Sundays through Thursdays) and do not include Fridays, Saturdays, holiday and holiday days.
In the event that factors or events that are not under the control of the site operators delay or prevent the sale of the products or the supply of the products published on the site at the scheduled times, the site will offer the consumer a choice between waiting for the product or canceling the transaction.

Cancelling a transaction:

  1. Cancellation of a transaction shall take place within 14 days from receipt of the product, or the later disclosure document between them.

  2. Cancellation notice will be delivered by fax / email / mail.

  3. When a transaction is canceled not due to a defect or non-conformity due to failure to supply the product at the specified time or any other breach of the contract, the consumer’s money is settled within 14 days of receipt of the cancellation notice, except for a cancellation fee of 5% or NIS 100 whichever is lower , The product will be returned at the expense of the consumer.

  4. When a transaction is canceled due to a defect or discrepancy, or due to the failure to supply the product at the specified time, or any other breach of the contract, cancellation fees will not be collected, the consumer’s money will be returned within 14 days of receiving the cancellation notice.

  5. The Company has the right to sue the consumer due to a decrease in the value of the product.

  6. The Company shall give the consumer a copy of the debit cancellation notice that the business has given to the credit company.

  7. Restrictions on cancellation: You can not cancel the purchase of lost goods, products made specifically for the consumer, and products that can be recorded, copied, and duplicated by the consumer who opened their original packaging.